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Upholstery Services

Perforation & Embossing

Veteran Company offers in house perforation and embossing services. Our 3
state of the machines allow us to have the quickest turnaround time in the

We can perforate leather, vinyl, Alcantara, suede, headliner and various other fabrics.

Details & FAQs

  • Maximum size for perforated leather is a half hide. Maximum width for all patterns 60 inches wide.
  • Following patterns cannot be done on vinyl: Aberdeen, Basketweave, Diamond, Lt. Diamond and Rosette.
  • Can you perforate material on rolls? Yes, our machine is equipped with an auto feed system that allows full rolls to be perforated at a time.
  • Can we send you our own materials for perforation? Yes, we’ll perforate items sent to us for the same price.
  • Don’t see the pattern you’re looking for? Contact us regarding custom plates and patterns.
Upholstery Services

Leather Splitting

The process of dividing leather into multiple layers is referred to as “splitting.”
Leather is run through a machine where it is split (or shaved) evenly with a large
band knife.

Splitting leather removes any variation in hide thickness and reduces the
weight of the hide allowing for a more even application. Split leather is
most often for steering wheels, consoles, dash boards, door lining and
door panels.

Details & FAQs

  • Maximum size for split leather is a half hide or panel/piece up to 25 inches wide.
  • Our machine has the capability to split leather down to 0.4mm; however we do not recommend going lower than 0.6mm.
  • Turnaround time is typically same day or one business day.
  • Have your own leather that you need to split down? Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to split your leather.
  • Please note: leather splitting is often times confused with leather skiving. Leather splitting and skiving are two different processes. Leather skiving reduces the thickness of leather in areas that are to be bent or folded (typically the edge), rather than the entire piece.
Upholstery Services

Custom Leather Hides

Can’t find the exact color you’re looking for in our current selection? We will work
with you to develop the right texture, color and sheen you’re looking for. Here’s how it works:

1 1
Send In Reference

Mail us a leather, paint or fabric sample for reference. Please make sure to include your contact information with the sample.

2 2
Discuss Details

Someone from our team will contact you for more details regarding the project.

3 3
Sample Production

Our tannery will produce a sample for your approval.

4 4
Approve Sample

Once the sample is approved, we will confirm and place your order.

Custom Details & FAQs

  • No returns or cancellations once final sample has been approved.
  • Actual square footage received may vary.
  • Production time will vary between two to four weeks.
  • Four hide minimum for all custom orders.

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