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Veteran is your one-stop shop for automotive leather leather, vinyl, carpet , marine and so much more! Walk-ins welcome! We ship internationally.








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What our customers say

Such a friendly and knowledgeable staff! They always have the materials I need for every job. Great prices also. They help make my job easy. Definitely my top choice for all my upholstery needs!

– Daniel Torres

Making Custom Car & Marine Dreams a Reality


The items we offer are custom and unique, as we have taken over 100 trips to Europe to develop our curated catalog. Our in-house services and large inventory allow most orders to be processed and shipped in the same day. Get your automotive upholstery today!

Stunning, Custom Car Leather
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Luxury Automotive Vinyl
Vintage Vehicle Carpet
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Choose the products you want. Our inventory holds a wide variety of leather, vinyl and carpet.

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Need specialized perforation services? We have you covered. Select a hole pattern that meets your needs.

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You can place your order by phone, email or simply by visiting our warehouse in Los Angeles.

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Enjoy a quick turnaround time for your custom, quality automotive and upholstery fabrics.

Start your automotive upholstery project today.

Offering Luxury Style

SINCE 1980

Our family-owned business has seen more than 3 generations working in the industry. We’ve been in business longer than many other upholstery supply companies and have developed an extensive, curated line of products. Our turnaround time is the fastest in the nation and we can ship internationally.

We regularly house over 1 million square feet of leather in our stock. We also keep up to 5 million yards of vinyl, awning, and fabric to ensure that our customers will have regular access to their preferred materials.

The Veteran Company Difference

When you choose our products, you can rest easy knowing that you are using the highest quality materials. Our commitment to exceptional customer service and fair prices has shaped us into the preferred company that we are today.

Our vast knowledge and willingness to listen to our customers’ needs and provide the best value in our product has earned Veteran Company the reputation as one of the best upholstery suppliers in the industry in America.

We have an unmatched quality and attention to individual customer needs. We will always put you first. We will even source products if the need arises. At Veteran Company, we pride ourselves on our quality customer service, dependability, and originality.

As an industry leader, we have grown substantially in our capabilities, and we will continue to grow in order to fit industry needs, as well as the needs of our customers.

Veteran Company is Fast & Fair

At Veteran Company, we have heard our customer needs, and we have come through with fast and fair procedures. When you purchase our products, we will provide you with these benefits:

  • Ship in-stock orders the same day
  • Check with various carriers ensuring you get the lowest freight rate
  • One and two-day delivery service with Golden State Overnight
  • Flat rate truck delivery service for our Southern California customers