Veteran Company was established in 1980.

We are direct importers of original leather, carpet, headlining material, vinyl, and convertible canvas for foreign automobiles. In addition to our foreign line of OEM materials, we always maintain a vast inventory of domestic materials.

Every year, we update our imported line of original materials and produce a new volume sample book, which is distributed throughout the world.

Due to the dynamics of our industry, we have in the last several years added several perforation machines to help meet the demands of our customers.

We offer an extended array of ready made tops, which we keep an extensive inventory of, at all times.

Veteran Company is a full house supplier to jobbers throughout the country and the world!

Veteran Company

620 Gladys Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Phone: (800) 524-3330 or (323) 937-2233
Fax: (213) 489-1244


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